Quickmount Classic Comp Mount

This was my first design project with Quickmount PV. The goal was to update the company's flagship product to make it look more professional

Senior Capstone

The goal of my senior capstone project was to design a new thrust recovery valve for Honeywell Aerospace. Thrust recovery valves are used in jet airliners to maintain cabin pressure. This new design is intended to be

Computer Case 1

This project was my first attempt at bridging the gap between design and engineering. The original model was made as the final project in my 3D modeling class.

Computer Case 2

This is my second computer case, and was my final project while in college. My main intent with this project was to make a computer case that would look cool in almost any setting

Baja Car

The Baja SAE competition is an annual, international collegiate design competition in which teams of college students spend the academic year designing and then building a single seat off road racer

Quickmount Low Slope Mount

This is an aluminum casting that is designed for mounting solar panels on low-slope roofs. My job was to create and analyze a 3D model based on design sketches, and then work with the OEM to optimize the design for casting